Ruby Wu

Ruby Wu


Massage therapy can help with stress relief, headaches, digestive issues, and many other symptoms that come up as we go about our lives.

If you’re not sure how massage can support your wellness goals, Ruby would be happy to empower you in finding what works for you. It is also okay to book without a goal in mind too.
Their practice aspires to be a safe and approachable safe for people to feel comfortable exploring how massage can best support their mental, emotional, and physical health. That could show up as more time towards a specific area, uplifting or energizing treatment, some take-home exercises to try, or information for their wellness journey.

They have worked with people of diverse backgrounds, including athletes, patients with spinal cord injuries, cancer in remission, office and trade workers, and students.

Ruby is currently in their final semester at Langara College’s Registered Massage Therapy program, where they added sedating and stimulating massage modalities, joint mobilization, and assisted stretching techniques of muscle and connective tissue to their toolkit.

Ruby welcomes all patients, whether they’re looking for a boost in-between RMT treatments without needing to access insurance benefits or simply want to give relaxation massage a try. They recognize that treatment is individual to everyone and look forward to navigating yours alongside you.

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